We have received overwhelming responses to the Mobile Film Production Contest whose entries were remarkably high in quality in the past 7 years. The contest this year will continue to open to local independent producers, primary, secondary and tertiary students, as well as people who are interested in mobile film production, to submit their mobile films.

To allow contestants to present their story more effectively, the duration of mobile film entry is officially extended to 10 minutes this year. Each submission must be within 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length.

The theme of the 8th HKMFF will be "Time for Timeless (流金歲月)”. This is to echo with a number of popular movies that manifested the change of time in our lives in the greater China region recently, e.g. 《致我們終將逝去的青春》(China),《歲月神偷》(Hong Kong),《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》(Taiwan). This also serves as a salute to the development of classic filming styles over decades in Hong Kong

In order to encourage young talents shooting short films that fit our theme, a new competition category, "Best Fit of Theme - Time for Timeless" is added.

All entries will be judged by professionals and experts of various fields in two rounds of assessment.